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Approval, Such an important word for all of us,as individuals or companies.It validates our efforts and establishes our identities.And why not?After all,companies and individuals do not exist in a vacuum.We live and thrive in surroundings where it is important for us to be in sync with them.

Helping Elysium do the same is a constant and stringent system of audits and approvals that have been initiated and adhered to over the years.These audit and approvals,both by national and global regulatory authorities,help us stay on the right track towards superlative products and exemplary services.They are our compass,without whom we would be truly lost.

The landmark inspections Elysium has undergone and passed are:

  • Health Canada
  • WHO,India (Biennial since 2001)
  • cGMPAudit for 21 CFR 210 & 211 (Annually since 2009)
  • Work ethics,EHS and SocialAudit (Annually since 2012)
  • Sanofi-Aventis,France
  • Bayer Pharmaceuticals,Germany
  • Hoechst Marion Roussel,Germany
  • Rhone Poulenc,UK
  • Republic of lvory Coast
  • NAFDAC Nigeria
  • TFDA Tanzania
  • PPB Kenya
  • MOH DR Congo
  • Food and Drugs Board,Ghana
  • NDA Uganda
  • MOH Vietnam
  • MOH Cambodia
  • MOH Sri Lanka
  • MOH Yemen
  • MOH Malawi
  • MOH Zimbabwe